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James Wiley Memorial Award

The James Wiley Memorial Award is given to the winner of the Amateur Single. This award honors the memory of our friend James Wiley. James was a very active in our chapter and Senior Judge for the American Hibiscus Society. He was an instrument for our chapter to get involved in the judging process. He is not with us anymore, but his memory continues with us.



Jane and Fred Fallman Award

Fred and Jane Fallman Award

The Jane and Fred Fallman Award is given to the winner of the Amateur Double. This award honors the great contribution that Jane and Fred have done for our chapter and hibiscus in the Central FL area. They volunteering and contributions are immense and we are delighted to honor them with this award.


Hugo Gorday Memorial Award

The Hugo Gorday Memorial Award is given to the winner of Best of Show Seedling. Hugo Gorday was an avid hibiscus grower and breeder, active member of the Central FL Chapter and will always be remember for his great sense of humor and his contributions to our Chapter.

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